How to Turn White Fat Brown

Brown fat programme could signal new treatment options in obesity and type 2 diabetes

Nature Reviews Cardiology 13,121(2016): Genetic overlap between peripartum and dilated cardiomyopathies

Sciencedaily: Cause of heart failure in pregnant women identified

theHeart.org Journalist

First Calabresi Prize honors cardiovascular researcher

Dvorak Young Investigator Awards Recognize the Promising Work of BIDMC's Young Scientists

Guest blog by Carlos Moraes: PGC-1α and 1ß in skeletal muscle: Are they essential for mitochondrial biogenesis and normal muscle function?

Nature Reviews Cancer 13, 296-297 (May 2013): Melanoma: More horses...

Pigment Cell Melanoma Res Mar 2013: The masters talk: the PGC-1α–MITF axis as a melanoma energizer

ABC News: Doctors Unravel Mysteries of Heart Failure During Pregnancy

Science STKE Editor’s Choice

New England Journal of Medicine
Metabolism and Therapeutic Angiogenesis

Science STKE Editor’s Choice

Developmental Cell Preview
Hungry for Blood Vessels: Linking Metabolism and Angiogenesis
Dev Cell. 2008 Mar;14(3):313-4.

Harvard Gazette 08: New way to grow blood vessels

Harvard Medical School Focus Magazine 08:
Metabolic regulator has hand in regulating Vessel Growth

Harvard Gazette 07:
Mystery muscles make mightier mice



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